Maximize Influencer Campaign Lifetime & Reach

Influencer Marketers Use AdLib To Easily Scale & Extend Campaigns & Content

The Old Way

Social Media Only

Influencer content is 8x more engaging than brand-direct content but has a short lifetime and high upfront costs, making it difficult to maximize ROI

Short Content Lifetime

70% of Content Missed

Limited Frequency

Variable & Costly CPMS

Scaling Is Labor Intensive

Hard To Measure Results

The New Way

Social Media + AdLib

Easily Maximize Influencer Campaign Lifetime & ROI


Unlimited Content Lifetime

Guaranteed Views

Unlimited Frequency

Predictable & Efficient CPMs

Easy to Scale Campaigns

Deep Insights & Analytics

Maximize Influencer Campaign Revenues & ROI

Use AdLib To Extend Campaign Budgets, Spend Less Time on Campaign Management, & Lower Campaign Costs

Guarantee More Reach, Views, & Engagement

Easily Maintain Long Term Campaigns & Brand Partnerships

Increase Revenue From Content & Data Assets

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Maximize Influencer Campaign Reach & Engagement

AdLib Extends Influencer Content To Consumers Wherever They Are, At Any Time – Reaching Every Channel, Every Device, Everywhere

The World’s Most Popular & Premium Sites & Apps!

Maximize RFP Wins & Campaign Budgets

AdLib Gives You Expansive & Precise Targeting Options To Take On Every Campaign Requirement

Influencer Audiences & Email Lists

-Social Media Followers & Engagers
-Blog Visitors & Content Viewers
-Email Lists & Purchaser Files

Prospects & Retargeting

-Demographic & Psychographic
-In-Market & Purchase History
-Interest & Predictors
-Geo Location & Weather
-Context & Keywords
-Site Visitors & White Lists
-Devices & Technology
-CPA/CPI/CPC Optimization


-Audience Expansion
-Customer Modeling
-Custom Audiences

Target Influencer Content to Any Audience, of Any Size, of Any Type

AdLib is Built On the World’s Leading Programmatic Media Buying Platform

“MediaMath’s platform for omnichannel buying increased return on investment by 534% and doubled return on ad spend.” – Forrester

Scale: 350+ Billion Impressions A Day Reaching 95% of the World

Performance: Industry Leading Optimization Algorithms

Measurability: Deep, Actionable Metrics & Insights

Transparency: High Quality, Strictly Privacy Compliant, & Fraud Free

Full Service & Fully Integrated

The AdLib Team Is A Group Of Leading Programmatic Experts

Fully Managed

Expert Traders, Analytics, Ad-Ops, & Integrators

Easy Compliance

Always On Brand Safety & Privacy Controls

Zero Ramp Up

No Learning Curve For Programmatic Technology

Flexible Pricing

No Monthly Minimums Or DSP Contracts

What Are Partners Saying About AdLib?

“It’s great to work with experts, who optimize media campaigns for success.”
Seth Kean CEO, ROI Influencer
"Great growth and even better partnership."
Joe Gagliese CEO, Viral Nation